We are located in Davenport, Iowa. Atypical for a CrossFit powerhouse to be in Iowa, yet here we are. We are hardworking, everyday people who have a passion for fitness. We just happen to be a little better a fitness than we all originally thought. Our programming resembles our lifestyles – hardworking, no bullshit, get-your-hands-dirty kind of work. We cater to athletes who have full/part time jobs BUT still have major goals (qualifier, sanctioned events, Reebok CrossFit Games, Rx competitions, etc.).

We differ from other programmers because we do NOT focus on the “professional” CrossFitter who has 10 hours a day to workout and recover. Although those athletes are fantastic, we simply do not have their schedules. So we program to mimic a more job-oriented schedule. We focus on those grinders…the diamonds in the rough. We focus on building YOU from the ground up. We’re certainly not perfect and we won’t pretend to be, however, we can guarantee 1) you will be pushed past your limits, 2) you will do things you NEVER thought possible and, 3) you will grow both mentally and physically.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!! SO are you ready for US?


I’ve always had a knack for programming. The second I found CrossFit, programming became my main focus. I began programming horrible (yet awesome) workouts back in 2011 when there were few coaches and even fewer programs. Of course, it was in the “dungeon,” a.k.a. my mother’s basement, so take that for what it’s worth. I would run through every imaginable combination of movements in an attempt to find the best ones. If all of the years of programming have taught me anything, I have learned that there is NO perfect program. Sure, some people are very talented when it comes to movement combinations and predicting what’s to come, but ultimately, the following three things MUST be applied:

  1. Belief in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
  2. Trust in the process. The process is long and jumping from ship to ship will only set you back.
  3. INTESNITY. Without it, you’ll get nowhere!

Blaming the programmer for your poor performance is similar to a baseball player blaming his bat because he didn’t hit a homer. My job is to make sure the person holding the bat is at their absolute best when they step into that box. And I take successes and failures personally. If I didn’t, I hope you’d find a different program. I spend between 12-15 hours per week programming (CrossFit OC3 included). Most of that time is spent researching where we’ve BEEN and where we need to GO. It also gives me an opportunity to fix any previous mistakes I’ve made (shockingly enough, I make mistakes, too). It is my job to ensure YOU get the absolute best programming imaginable.

I am able to do that by actually PARTICIPATING actively in all of my programming. I constantly evaluate how to improve and make certain you hit your goals. Your success is most important to me, which I’ve demonstrated over the past three years while exclusively programming for Team OC3 Black and CrossFit OC3.

Overall, I would LOVE for you to join OC3 Programming. You can put your hat on us working tirelessly for you. We have no ego — we are here for you and your goals — and nothing less!

We look forward to having you join the team! If you ever have questions please do not hesitate to email or call me.




  • Co-Owner & Operator of CrossFit OC3 (2015-Present)
  • 4x CrossFit Games (team): 18th (2013), 5th (2016), 9th (2017), 3rd (2018)
  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management
  • Iowa High School Coaches Certified
  • CrossFit L1 & L2, Olympic Lifting, Aerobic Capacity and lots of trial and error
  • Primary programmer for Team OC3 Black and CrossFit OC3

I found CrossFit in 2010 after searching for something different. Just like most people, I was tired of the same old “globo gym” routine with the three sets of ten and spin class. I found a local CrossFit gym in a Men’s Health magazine article and immediately fell in love with challenging myself. Within a year, I not only became a certified CrossFit trainer but also an owner/operator. Now, I focus solely on coaching and training.

Over the years, I have gained invaluable experience working with many different individuals and meeting them where they are. I find it rewarding to help make athletes better especially when overcoming their weaknesses. I spend a lot of time reading the latest fitness research both for my own enjoyment and in the interest of applying it to the OC3 programming, which I work to ensure sure it is scalable for all skill levels. We work not only on the physical but also the mental demands of training and competing. And we have a lot of fun doing it!




  • Head Coach for Team OC3 Black, ranking 9th in 2017 and 3rd in 2018 at the worldwide CrossFit Games
  • CrossFit L2, Aerobic Capacity, CrossFit Weightlifting, and CrossFit Powerlifting Certifications
  • Lead programmer for OC3 Red and R.U.N. OC3